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Wiking 077813 1:32 Diecast Fendt Katana 85 Forage Harvester

Wiking 077813 1:32 Diecast Fendt Katana 85 Forage Harvester

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Fendt Katana 85 forage harvester Article no. 077813 Fendt Katana 85 follows its 850 hp model Whether pick-up or shredder - the Fendt Katana solves every task. How this happens in harvesting can be copied from the many details of the WIKING model and imitated with it. The model of the 850-hp self-propelled Marktoberdorfer origin creates a prototypical functionality, because even the visible pre-press rollers for receiving the shredded material on the Katana 85 are fully rotatable. If, as in harvesting, the maize header is set with ten rolls, the sides, which are at an angle, can be lowered to full working width and arranged ready for use - everything is fully movable. Harvesting work can be simulated using the WIKING model as an example The same applies to the discharge sheet of the shredded material, which, like the original, can be swiveled through 210 degrees, thus making every harvest situation - which of course can be simulated true to scale - with WIKING tugs and load-wagons. And even for the inclusion of green fodder can be imitated in 1:32 the use. An appropriate pick-up is available for the Fendt Katana 85 from WIKING, which can be attached to the forage harvester just like the chopping stem. Even there, the elements of the stem are fully movable. Because the 1:32 model awakens fun to even more technical details, WIKING designed the miniature in such a way that the rear engine area is accessible. Both the rear hood and the side panels can be raised. In this way, the replica of the engine is visible, the case after all, an acceleration to 40 km / h allows. product details And the cabin is also pleasing in its 32-fold miniaturization: The ascent can be moved out and the transparent entrance door can be opened. The side mirrors on the cab roof are also movably arranged. A look inside the cabin reveals the many premises that the developers have taken into account in the completely redesigned Visio5 cab. The workplace of the Katana driver impresses with ergonomics, ease of use and a perfect view of the work area. Naturally, the WIKING model reproduces details such as the seat and controls with the multifunctional joystick. WIKING presents the hauler with the Katana 85, another model based on a high-performance prototype - and in the popular filigree quality.