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Wiking 077814 1:32 Diecast - Valtra T214

Wiking 077814 1:32 Diecast - Valtra T214

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Valtra T214 Article no. 077814 Innovation: On the Valtra T214 top link is movable With the second Valtra tractor, WIKING is celebrating a design premiere: with the miniaturization of the T214, the tractor experts from WIKING have added an additional function to the rear hydraulics, which helps accelerate the model-making authenticity. Because there, the rear hydraulics was developed so that the movably applied upper link is now variable in length. As a matter of fact, the attachment is suspended at the end of the top link, while the piston ensures the desired alignment of the attachments of the agricultural machine by means of a combined grid - thus making the model makers from WIKING an attractive and unique position. Thanks to the new feature, it is possible to easily attach a wide variety of attachments to the tractor and position and fix it in their position realistically. The various driving and working positions of the tractor with its attachments can be reproduced realistically - an exclusive WIKING feature! In addition, the exemplary maneuverability of the Valtra T214 is increased because the steering gear of the tractors has been innovatively further developed and is now redesigned. From now on, the steering angle of the front axle on the steering wheel can be readjusted even more realistically. The steering wheel can consequently be turned at an even greater angle. But that's not all: the wheels can also be changed on the Valtra T214. In terms of visual appeal, the T214 sparked enthusiasm at first glance, because not only the raised hood with the cleverly positioned LED headlamps reveal the Valtra individuality. The cab is also more compactly integrated into the chassis. The 5-post cabin looks impressively arched outwards. Thanks to the glass area of ??more than six square meters, the prototype has a better all-round view - the WIKING miniature shows the new constructive design advantage. product details At Valtra, the principle once again applied: Design follows the function. After that, the T-Series is a perfect example of how functional an exciting tractor look can be. Although the T-Series with 60 centimeters has amazing ground clearance, the cabin is lower and makes the tractor the most compact six-cylinder on the market. WIKING has transferred these properties to scale in the 1:32 precision model.