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Wiking 077817 Claas Tucano 570 Combine with V930 Grain Mower Attachment

Wiking 077817 Claas Tucano 570 Combine with V930 Grain Mower Attachment

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Claas Tucano 570 harvester with grain attachment V 930 Article no. 077817 Tucano Stands Top Combine Mid-range It is a model-precision giant - WIKING can already introduce the second combine harvester with the Claas Tucano 570. Given its size, the mighty 1:32 miniature has attractive features that make the harvester from Harsewinkel's traditional plants particularly appealing and exemplary. Thus, the WIKING program is already receiving another new top model in terms of dimension and precision quality! The Tucano is now regarded as a premium machine in the upper combine harvester middle class at Claas and has since proven itself for its multi-fruit suitability and the combination of high throughput with high straw quality. Who compares the two WIKING combine models, immediately recognizes that Claas has the new Tucano structurally and optically approximated the Lexion. WIKING has adopted the miniaturization of the 500 series APS hybrid threshing system. For example, the traditional model builders of the new Tucano have designed the visually striking top emptying function as a central harvesting advantage. Claas has thereby increased the emptying performance by an average of 30% - up to 105 liters per second leave the tank. With a capacity of up to 9,000 liters, the grain tank is emptied in less than two minutes! The top emptying also makes it easier to access for maintenance work, and in combination with longer spout tubes, even allows for greater loading heights and distances. Even in the 1: 32 model, everything is in line with the original: the intake of the material to be cut is height-adjustable and the associated take-up rollers rotate. Fascinating view of engine and cabThe side engine covers on the bodywork can be opened on the right and left. To simulate the emptying of the tank, the spout can be swiveled radius-appropriate. Of course, the grain tank can be opened at the top, revealing the view of the movable snail inside. In addition, the rear engine cover can be opened, the air intake grille is rotatable. The entire combine harvester model is highly mobile thanks to the pendulum-mounted rear axle, which is also steerable. The Tucano cabin remains the central eye-catcher for the model friend: the fully transparent workplace allows the inspection of the completely miniaturized combine operation. If you want, you can open the cabin doors. The ascent on the cabin front can be swiveled forward if necessary, while the mirrors can be adjusted as desired. For the first time, WIKING has mounted safety chains on the front ascent, and the lower step on the ascent is also flexibly mounted. Warning panels and taillights can be swiveled for field use. Removable cutterbar Vario 930 with high filigree product details The front, detachable Vario 930 has a rotating auger while the reel and reel arms rotate. WIKING has set up the positioning button foldable. In addition, the blades are adjustable. And also the cutting unit trolley prepares details of model construction: The drawbar can be swiveled by means of spring return, the front axle can be precisely steered via turntable. Last but not least, the removable wheel chock is proof of the model-wise experience of WIKING fine sense.