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Wiking 077836 John Deere 6250R

Wiking 077836 John Deere 6250R

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John Deere 6250R Article no. 077836 The new top performer in the 6R series by John Deere With the John Deere 6250R, the traditional model makers from WIKING are again miniaturizing a tractor that is already successfully used in European agriculture. And exactly for the collector of precision miniatures, the 6250R is made. The technology-savvy agricultural machinery enthusiasts in particular appreciate the added value of optical WIKING model quality in 32-fold miniaturization. The John Deere shows its fine detail at WIKING - that is visible diecast quality par excellence. WIKING presents a further agricultural machine miniature of excellent quality and authenticity, assembled from prototypical zinc diecasting elements and plastic accessories, hand-crafted and equipped with prototypical printing comfort. Perfect model making is shown here - best visible in the cab of the tractor. There exults an interior, which makes the agricultural machine friend immediately rave about, because it lets the model authentically authenticate. The John Deere 6250R stands for a 1:32 model with sophistication and top-level functionality. Just model fun pure. product details The 6R series has a new high performance - the John Deere 6250R! He is with 9.3 tonnes curb weight and 15 tonnes gross vehicle weight quite "light" and compact, but with a maximum power of 300 hp strong on the road. Like all 6R tractors, this tractor is equipped with the John Deere SCR system and fully complies with emissions standard IV.