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Wiking 077820 Vega 12 Crop Protection Sprayer

Wiking 077820 Vega 12 Crop Protection Sprayer

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Lemken sprayer Vega 12 Article no. 077820 In crop protection, Lemken uses Vega 12 for efficiency With the trailer field sprayer Vega 12, the agricultural machinery manufacturer Lemken once again distinguished itself in crop protection. WIKING miniaturizes the mobile field sprayer, which already proves at first sight optical compactness. Especially with the Vega 12 important conceptual features can be miniaturized movably. The functions include the drawbar steering, but also the variable height adjustment of the drawbar. Equally flexible, the support is arranged. The storage compartment on the right side can be opened. WIKING ensures an aha effect even in the smallest details, because the toolbox can be removed there. Prototypical, the Einspülschleusen are arranged, which are movable in height on the left. The special flexibility of the prototype can be imitated with the movable linkage. It can not only be adjusted in height, but also leveled by right- or left-side height compensation. The dome lid can be opened on the model of the Vega 12, fold down the stepladder. And of course, the brake pad can be removed and placed behind the tire as needed. Far behind pivot point and large steering angle product details The plant protection specialist Lemken offers Vega application technology, which stands for modern plant protection, with the newly developed, innovative attachment sprayer Vega. The frame and chassis concept of the Vega ensures high ground clearance and large tires a low, low center of gravity for optimum driving stability in the field and on the road. The drawbar steering with far back pivot point and large steering angle ensures a spur-tracking of the syringe. With a sprung axle, the Vega can even be allowed to reach an unrivaled top speed of 60 km / h, thereby contributing to economical crop protection even while on the road.