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WST1475 Woodland Scenics: N Track-Bed Roll (3mm x 24' - Seamless Roll)

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About Track-Bed

Track-Bed provides a quiet, smooth train operation, absorbing irregularities on your layout. It is a high quality, economical alternative to other rail beds and aligns well with cork. Track-Bed requires no pre-soaking, remains flexible, and will not dry out or become brittle.
Track-Bed Roll offers a smooth, almost seamless application. It deadens sound, requires no pre-soaking like cork, remains flexible and will not dry out or become brittle! Aligns well with cork or Homasote applications.

Install Track-Bed with Foam Tack Glue™ (ST1444). Pin in place with Foam Nails (ST1432).

Also works great for H0n3 and Hon30 gauge!

1/8 in x 1 1/4 in x 24 ft
3 mm x 3.1 cm x 7.31 m